CCM Hockey Starter Kit

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The CCM hockey starter kit contains the majotity of equipment needed to start playing hockey

The kit includes shoulder pads, shin guards, elbow pads, hokcey pants, and and a bag.

Other items required to play would be skates, stick, helmet, jock/pelvic protection, neck guard, Jersey and socks.


(A) HEIGHT 101-122cm (3'4"-4'0") 123-134cm (4'0"-4'4") 134-146cm (4'4"-4'8")
(B) CHEST 58-64cm (23"-25") 64-70cm (25"-28") 70-76cm (28"-30")
(C) WAIST 51-56cm (20"-22") 56-61cm (22"-24") 58-63cm (23"-25")
SP SIZE Youth Medium Youth Large Youth XL
EP SIZE Youth Medium Youth Large Youth XL
HP SIZE Youth Small Youth Large Youth XL
GLOVES SIZE 8" 10" 11"
SG SIZE 8" 10" 11"