CCM Custom Support Insole

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Remaining sizes to the SonderpreisDie new insole by CCM, to every foot type the appropriate deposit You will receive then significantly more power on your skate... Designed for hockey CCM offers extra support insoles, powered by currexSole. Some interesting info of there is also here: the foot is a sensor, the larger the surface of the soles, which are in contact, the greater the amount of, that are activated, which in turn stimulates the greater response Foot muscles. Basically, this means enhanced performance, comfort and fit. High-arc-, medium -, and low - bow bow: to maximize the contact area of the sole of the foot on your individual foot shape, these deposits in three different bows are offered. What type are you? This is a pretty common question, and for around 60% of you, the Mittelbogendie would be the best solution. Here is a quick way for you to determine your arch type. Pick a subject that has just enough water into the ground to bare right foot wet. Entering the water, shake the excess and a normal heel-to-toe walking step forward on newspaper or cardboard. Fit the shape of your footprint on the next the 3 different bend profile images (see Kasten Bild of 3 different arc profiles). After determining your arch type, choose the appropriate size of insole for your skates. Since any size sole includes several Skate sizes, you need your custom support to trim insoles on the correct size. To do this, take the existing Skatesohleund it superimposed on these new deposits, that the inside align range ball of the foot and the heel cup. Draw you to mark an overview of your new deposits, where it must be cleaned and cut along this line with a sharp pair of scissors. Insoles should be good to go their new CCM individual support. If you choose to wash them in the future, simply wash them by hand in cold water with a mild detergent and let it dry in the air. Do not wring or tumble dry. In addition to the custom arch, the insole has multiple layers, which each has a function. Whether it is to the breathability, moisture and odor control, shock absorption and stability, does this sole everything. Why have not more power from your footbed? Show some love with this custom support your feet deposits by CCM.