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  • Tour Code 2 inline skates
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Tour Code 2 inline skates

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The quarter package of the skate uses VORRAC construction, which is a high quality carbon composite and Surlyn blend that creates stiffness and helps harness even the most explosive strides. Reinforcing the high-wear areas of the skate is a series of Vibram patches, which act as rubberized guards in the areas most likely to be worn out during play. To boost your range of movement, Tour has included the Knetic tendon guard, which gives with every stride, and snaps back into place after its completion. In the instep, the Code 2 uses a honeycomb ventilation port, which increases airflow into the skate, and helps keep your foot dry as you skate. This entire boot construction sits on an injected TPU outsole.

Perhaps what makes this skate truly unique is the removable, adjustable, or customizable (whatever you want to call it!) tongue. The traditional felt construction extends down into the toe box, which increases comfort and stability by reducing the negative space inside. Running up the tongue are AeroRidge lace bite channels, designed to help distribute the stress on the top of your foot and reduce the potential for lace bite. The tongue can be easily removed with a Velcro tab, and adjusted up/down and left/right. This allows you to custom fit the tongue to your preferences, giving you a better fit overall.

Inside the skate, a Clarino liner helps reduce moisture working in tandem with the airflow from the honeycomb ventilation. Super comfortable heel and ankle foams help lock your heel in and reduce the rub you might find in other skates.

The Code 2 comes stock with Labeda Millennium wheels, Bevo Chrome bearings, and the Labeda Eviction II chassis for increased stability and strength.