CCM ULTRA TACKS Hockey Shoulder Pads

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CCM Ultra Tacks Hockey Shoulder Pads - Senior D30: Smart foam technology with very high level protection - Innovative material designed to react to varying intensities. Soft consistency absorbs low impacts while instant hardening at high energy protects against big impacts Construction: Anatomical fit with adaptable shoulder system - Fit will adapt to movement preventing the shoulder pads from lifting upward Caps: Dual Core HD foam shoulder caps reinforced with D3O¨ rate sensitive foam - Lightweight pro level of protection Biceps: Adjustable bicep with removable extension - Custom comfort fit and professional level protection Torso: Removable belly & low spine protection - Custom comfort fit and professional level protection Sternum: Shaped and molded HD floating sternum - Adaptable fit and professional level protection Core: Ventilated moulded TACKS foam armor - Provides cool comfort and enhance breathability