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  • Reebok 7K Shoulder Pads
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Reebok 7K Shoulder Pads

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The Reebok 7K KFS Shoulder Pads is a big jump in performance compared to the 5K. The front of the Reebok 7K KFS Shoulder Pads is pretty similar to the 5K with thick dense foams down the center sternum area to give you a great level of protection. The lower portion is upgraded from the 5K with some more molded foam and some more segments to help it contour much better. They also added a removable belly guard. The top portion of the Reebok 7K KFS Shoulder Pads is using the same clavicle design as the 5K that allows the shoulder cap to move freely for maximum protection without restricting mobility. They also added a comfort strip on the neck portion to make the pad a little more comfortable. The shoulder cap is a JDP cap which all Reebok pads are known very well for having great impact dispersion. The bicep guards has plastic inserts in them, they are not very big but are adjustable which will allow you measure them up with your elbow pads. The back of theReebok 7K KFS Shoulder Pads is the biggest change from the 5k. Using a segmented panel design, it involves a big plastic insert coming down the spine with a break in it and attached to the second panel which will have single density foams and a continuation of a plastic portion continuing down the rest of the spine area. They also added some more additional foam in the kidney area for added protection. The Reebok 7K KFS Shoulder Pads is a great value price pad that offers good protection as well as a lightweight feel.