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Pass Master

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The PassMaster™ is the best selling hockey passer and one-timer training aid of all time.  The reason is simple!  It's the most versatile hockey passing aid available, offering the most features for the lowest price.   While other copy-cat products are made of cheap plastic and only offer one or two passing lanes, the PassMaster's solid steel construction and THREE sided band design makes it the most durable and versatile hockey puck passer on the market.  Use one, two or evenall THREE sides to give you ultimate flexibility in the various drills you can master.  The PassMaster hockey passing aid can be used to work on passing accuracy, short bullet passes, rocket fast one-timers, catching passes with soft hands, and more.

The PassMaster can be used anywhere – the driveway, basement, garage, and on any shooting pad, dryland tile, or synthetic ice surface. The PassMaster™ hockey puck passer also comes with removable spikes so it can be used on the ice as well.  The high quality FlexBandensures season after season use.

Step up your passing game with the PassMaster, and see why all the most elite hockey players are using it to improve their game.

Improve your passing skills - no more flutter passes. Develop soft and quick hands for receiving a pass. Great for practicing "one-timers". Comes with long lasting Reflex Band and removable spikes for on-ice use. The PassMaster works great for dryland (concrete/asphalt) or on ice (at the rink or on the pond). All 3 sides of the PassMaster can be used to create unlimited drill possibilities.

  • The only puck passer that has 3 usable sides.
  • Let's you master the critical hockey skills needed to dominate the game.
  • Great for working on one-timers and developing quick hands
  • Use the PassMaster anywhere you want - the driveway, garage, basement, dryland area and on-ice.
  • High quality industrial strength band ensures season after season use
  • Comes with removable spikes for on-ice use
  • Constructed of heavy-duty steel so it will last season after season! 

The PassMaster

The PassMaster is a great training tool that can be used as a passing station for developing players. It helps to teach players to deliver soft passes, catch and fire rocket fast one-timers, keep their stick on the ice, practice giving and receiving a pass, improve stickhandling speed and passing accuracy.