Mission Inhaler FZ-0 Senior Inline Hockey Skates

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The Mission Inhaler FZ-0 Senior Inline Hockey Skates are the top of the line model in the fourth generation of Inhalers.

The Inhaler FZ-0 skates continue to utilise the featherlight Curv composite quarter package that delivers some of the most explosive energy transfer available on the skate market today. Not only does it offer pro-level stiffness, protection and support, it enables Mission to produce a skate with an anatomically-correct fit out of the box. But when the boot is heat moulded, this fit is taken to the next level. 

The tongue on the FZ-0 skates have been designed to maximize comfort and functionality. The 5 piece segmented design provides a great wrap, with strategic flex points to ensure an unhindered flex and forward lean. The True Vented Tongue design has specially designed for Roller Hockey players, to increase breathability and keep you cool on the rink.

Mission have utilised a grip fit pro liner in the skate to ensure your foot is locked in place during play for maximum comfort and performance. Integrated into the liner are super comfortable and protective Poron Xrd ankle pads. This memory foam style material used by Bauer in their protective gear will form to the shape of your ankle for a super comfortable customised fit, whilst offering great impact protection by absorbing energy from impacts during play.

Unique to the Inhaler Line are the vented toe caps and the vented quarter package that provides much-needed airflow through the boot. The toe cap brings in cool air while the side vents help push out the hot air. Underneath the boot is Mission's lightest frame they offer called the Kryptonium chassis which attaches to the full lightweight composite outsole. These two components work together to reduce weight as much as possible without sacrificing power or durability. 

The skate is finished off with the Labeda Addiction wheels. Designed for the power skater in mind, the Addiction Grip has a harder center urethane core matched with a harder inner speed ring so it may flex and grip to match their individual skating style without compromising wear.