CCM Supertack AS3 Youth Ice Hockey Skates

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The CCM Super Tacks AS3 Ice Hockey Skates Youth are a great option for youth hockey players who are still developing their game.

Built with reinforced injected materials in the quarter package, the AS3 Youth Hockey Skates provide great protection and just the right amount of stiffness. This will allow younger players to hone their skating skills without having to worry about any discomfort!

The microfiber liner with Durazone abrasion protection on the interior of the AS3 Youth Hockey Skates is comfortable, durable, and will help dry the skates out quicker while not in use.

The 7mm felt tongue with reinforcement layers adds another layer of comfort and protection against a wide variety of impacts like deflected shots or stick whacks.

Lastly, the AS3 Youth Hockey Skates utilize CCM’s SpeedBlade holder and runners. The back of the holder is slightly elevated for an increased angle of attack and improved straight-line speed.