CCM Super Tacks Hockey Girdle with Shell combo

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CCM Super Tacks Senior Hockey Girdle with Shell combo offers a custom adjustment and snug fit throughout the waist and thighs.

This girdle is constructed with Pro 400D nylon and side panel reinforcements to reduce weight and optimize durability. The adjustable thigh guard (length/width) offers players a custom, quick fit combined with pro comfort.

A JDP cap reinforced with D3O® Smart Material offers a pro level of protection dispersing the force of impacts away from the hip joint. D3O® Smart Material can be found throughout the 2017 Super Tacks protective line offering players pro level protection with each piece of gear. 

The thighs are protected with lightweight, molded HD foams for pro impact protection. The adjustable D3O® spine with HD foam provides pro impact protection in the lower back. Girdles are preferred by many players as they offer a superior customized fit compared to regular pants.