CCM Super Tacks AS1 Shin Pads

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The CCM Super Tacks AS1 Senior Shin Guards offer pro level protection and coverage in a pad that is lightweight, comfortable and offers improved adjustability.

The Super Tacks AS1 shin guards build off the extremely popular and protective original Super Tacks Shin Guard with the addition of protective and fit improvements.

The knee caps incorporates JDP cap construction for pro level protection by dispersing the force of impacts away from the knee joint alongside D30 Smart Material in the knee caps. D3O foam has also been utilised in the calf of the AS1 Shin Guards to provide all around pro level protection.

To be able to achieve the perfect fit, CCM have incorporated the length adjustable straps also found on the AS1 Shoulder Pads to the calf of the AS1 shins. This customizable fit ensures a snug, comfortable fit around the shin to ensure that protection is where you need and want it.

The inner padded liner is removable for easy cleaning and adjustment. One cool little feature of the liner is a small detachable area to enable a custom fit depending if you like to wear your shins over your tongues of if you go tongues out.

Throughout the AS1 lineup, CCM have introduced a number of small tweaks that would classify as making ‘marginal gains’ to help improve either protection, comfort or mobility. An example of this on the AS1 shin guards is the introduction of a “tape groove” below the knee cap. This groove in the pad is aptly a great spot to wrap tape around, enabling a sleeker way to keep the pad locked in. It might not be a deal breaker, but another cool outside the box feature that adds up to make a well thought out piece of gear.