CCM Super Tacks AS1 Hockey Pants

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The CCM Super Tacks AS1 Senior Hockey Pants offer pro level protection in a lightweight package with improved customisation options.

The Super Tacks AS1 pant inherits the classic Tacks anatomical fit which provides a snug fit to ensure the protective features are right where you need them during play for maximum protective coverage.

As you’d expect from the flagship product of the Tacks line, the AS1 pants features elite protection throughout, with D30 Smart Material utilised in both the hips and the spine protector. A combination of HD Caps and PE foam in the thighs ensure pro level impact protection.

A new inner belt system and stabilised belly pad has improved the overall comfort and adjustability of the pant, a running theme CCM has stuck to throughout the AS1 protective line-up.

The length of the pants can be lengthened by one inch, perfect for taller players or those who are still growing. The height of the floating spine protector can also be customised, either to raise it or lower it to player preference.