CCM RibCor Trigger 3D PMT Junior Hockey Stick

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The CCM RibCor Trigger 3D PMT Junior Ice Hockey Stick is designed for a quick shot release, ideal for players who need to get their shot off quickly close in to the net.

This is consistent with the Ribcor family history, but with an upgrade in materials and construction techniques, the Trigger 3D raises the bar to a new level.

The Trigger 3D features X-Flow Resin Technology, first seen in the Super Tacks AS1 stick. This is a moulding technology that CCM is using which helps to create a lighter, more consistent stick construction. By being able to eliminate excess weight in both the blade and shaft, but being able to use more Carbon Fibre than before gives super durability and performance. This also results in a super balanced stick with great puck feel.

The pop matrix geometry of the Ribcor has been reengineered to be more gradual to help make a more efficient energy transfer, this allows for easier loading and energy transfer to your shot.

The Ascent 3 Blade Core features an updated stiffness profile. Historically the Ribcor blade has been softer then the Super Tacks and Jetspeed sticks to benefit the danglers out there. The Trigger 3D blade retains a softer zone at the heel for great puck control. CCM have increased stiffness as you move from heel to toe to prevent the blade twisting to ensure your shot stays on target.

The Ascent 3 Blade is constructed using Sigmatex 18K Carbon Fiber for elite on-ice performance and durability whilst remaining featherlight.