CCM RibCor Pro 3 PMT Senior Hockey Stick

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The CCM Jetspeed Senior Hockey Stick features a hybrid kick point, ideal for players looking for a blend of speed and quickness.

Developed for the speed of today’s game, the new JetSpeed stick features a hybrid kick point, a new geometry and the Jetstream blade. The new hybrid kick point creates a power hinge effect allowing the player to more fully load the shaft without any twist occurring in the shaft.

The new JetSpeed shape provides a unique combination of comfort and control while the JetStream blade employs CCM’s patented multi-channel blade and proprietary dampening material to achieve a blend of lightweight and feel.

The final structure is reinforced with Sigmatex spread-tow technology from top to bottom, making it one of the most advanced products in the marketplace.

Using Shooting Performance Lab data, CCM has broken down the offensive zone for the player and identified a key Split Point to identify where the player benefits of each shot. Check out our fitting guide for more information to see which stick may best suit your game.

  • KICK POINT: HYBRID KICKPOINT - The new kick point creates a hinge effect which allows for greater power while featuring a soft taper zone for increased speed.
  • BLADE: JETSTREAM BLADE CONSTRUCTION WITH DAMPENING LAYER TECHNOLOGY - Featuring a multi-channel blade with a dampening layer on the entire face to achieve a unique blend of lightweight, feel and consistency.
  • SHAFT DESIGN: JETSPEED SHAFT WITH DOUBLE-CONCAVE DIMENSIONS - The new geometry offers a smooth transition area to maximize bending and efficiently transfer the energy stored.
  • MATERIAL: SIGMATEX - An exclusive spread tow fabric developed by one of the world’s leaders in composite technology that is not only ultra-lightweight, but very strong due its high tension weaving process.