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  • CCM Jetspeed FT470 Ice Hockey Skates
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CCM Jetspeed FT470 Ice Hockey Skates

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The CCM Jetspeed FT470 Hockey Skates features CCM’s one-piece boot to help you generate more speed in every stride.

Featuring the LITEFRAME 360 technology, the JetSpeed FT470 skate surpasses the expectations of a lightweight and high performance second price point skate. The JetSpeed FT470 provides an enhanced fit that fully wraps the skate around the foot for maximum energy transfer, helping the player to perform and generate more speed in every stride.


The new LITEFRAME 360 technology is a significant evolution from the previous JetSpeed generation. The seamless one-piece boot was developed with no outsole, no stitching and no glue in the high energy-transfer zones, providing players with a fit so close, it becomes a natural extension of their foot.

The result: Pure performance. Direct energy transfer for explosive power and speed.


CCM’s new Speedblade Xchange System was developed as a quick and easy-to-use system to swap blades out, while ensuring players a consistently maximized energy transfer and performance.

The patent pending BladeLock technology consists of a positive-lock mechanism which tightly secures the blade to the holder to help prevent the blade from loosening or accidently disconnecting from the holder. A consistently tightly-secured blade to the holder means that energy transfer from the boot to the holder to the blade is maximized in every stride.

To operate the BladeLock, simply roll the dial until you feel resistance and pull your blade out. Place your new blade into the holder, turn back the dial and you are back in the game.

A premium, oxide-treated blade that helps provide advanced performance, a longer edge life and a higher resistance to corrosion. Features 12% more height than standard blades for better turns and performance.