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  • CCM 9550 Shoulder Pads
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CCM 9550 Shoulder Pads

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  • Construction - SINGLE-LAYER CONSTRUCTION WITH PE FOAM - Reliable and functional protection with a light feel ideal for recreational use.

  • Caps - MOLDED PE SHOULDER CAPS - Full coverage around the shoulders to safeguard from impacts or falls.

  • Torso - PE FOAM BASE - Lightweight fit that delivers great protection while moving with you, with maximized Velcro landing zone for easy adjustment and custom fit.

  • Biceps - MOLDED PE CAPS - Great buffer between you and the hit.

  • Sternum/Spine - ANATOMICAL MOLDED STERNUM + PE INSERT SPINE - High-level of protection.

  • Liner - SUBLIMATED LINER + SOFT FEEL FRONT STRETCH PANELS - Superior quality comfort liner with stretch feel front panels to help you move freely.

  • Clavicle - REINFORCED FLOATING ARCHES FOR CLAVICLE AND SHOULDER BLADE PROTECTION - Elite-level clavicle protection in a highly mobile and comfortable design.

  • Extra Protection - VENT-TECH ADPTFIT HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE & REMOVEABLE BELLY AND LOWER BACK PADS - Breathable and adjustable extra belly and lower back pads help customize your maximum protection fit.